Come fishing

Usma Lake is a brilliant place in Kurzeme for fishing, with more than 25 species of fish, attracting fishermen from all across Latvia.

Angling and fishing

Since 1 May, 2017 the licenced fishing, angling and fishing control is organised by the Usmas Krasts Association. Angling and spin fishing from boats is permitted after 1 May. A written permit from the Moricsala Nature Reserve administration is required for fishing in the reserve. Industrial fishing also takes place in the lake.

Purchasing a fishing license

If you are planning to go fishing at Usma Lake, purchase the Usma Lake fishing licence in one of the tourist sites or use the e-Loms service – buying licenses and reporting the catch electronically.

Usma Lake fish community

Comparing the catches in Usma with other lakes of Latvia, the fish species composition of Usma Lake is typical for temperate climate zone lakes. In terms of biomass and number, the fish community is dominated by perch, roach and bream. The overall biomass of all fish species is average. The role structure demonstrates a medium-high proportion of predatory fish, which is due to the suitability of the Usma Lake environment for perch, zander, pike and other predatory fish species. However, the relatively high proportion of young perch in the population indicates an excessive anthropogenic stress, which has gradually led to a large reduction in the proportion of perch.

Usma Lake - the lake of eels

Usma Lake is a suitable habitat for eels because the lake provides optimal feeding and wintering. This is a sought-after fish among anglers and industrial fishers alike. Maintaining the eel stocks increases the attractiveness of the lake to its key users (anglers and fishermen) and also increases its socio-economic value.