Yacht ride with "Arabella", Boat ride with "Grāfs Morics", Motorboat ride for up to 10 people

Yacht ride with “Arabella”

Campsite “USMAS SPA” offers a yacht ride with “Arabella” to Morics Island and back.

Boat ride with “Grāfs Morics”

Motorboat ride for up to 10 people

Campsite “Bukdangas” offer a motorboat ride for up to 10 people. The ride includes guided excursions on Lake Usmas and Lake Tīrukšu.

Horse rides in “Zāģkalni”

Campsite “Zāgkalni” offers horse rides through forest roads, along the lake, as well as lessons in a paddock. Regular training for beginners.  You are welcome to come here with your own horses and stay at out holiday homes, your horse will be provided with a cabin and food.

Rope track “Godeļpols”

Rope track “Godeļpols” is set in trees and on the ground, it offers recreational fun for all ages.